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Details for Ice Show 1st Number

Transaction date/time after 10/01/18 @ 12:00am and before 02/02/19 @ 9:00pm.Age older than or equal to 3.00 and younger than or equal to 99.00. The date used for calculating the age is Transaction Date.

The Ice Show is for any skater 3 years of age and older and of any skill level. You would register for this 1st number to be in the Ice Show, no matter what age or skating level your child is on. If you want your skater to be in a 2nd Show number, you would register here 1st, and then register again for the 2nd number. Please call the main office with any questions at 952-895-4651.

Gary R. Harker Rink Burnsville Ice Ctr251 Civic Center ParkwayBurnsville, MN, 55337(952)895-4651

$100.00 $100.00

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